Empowering Survivors

Selāh is an invitation to support Canadian based anti-trafficking efforts through the act of making a socially conscious purchase.

There are many gaps when it comes to resources readily available for victims and survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

Why the Survivor Support Fund? 

"Exiting the sex industry is incredibly challenging, and people face many barriers to leaving. It can often take multiple attempts for someone to be able to leave the industry entirely. People face barriers that create a cycle of entering, exiting, and re-entering the sex industry. Funding opportunities like the Survivor Support Fund are one of the ways that individuals can overcome the challenges they face in leaving the industry behind. Other supports that are needed to help people include: 

  • access to substance use recovery programs 
  • mental health supports
  •  trauma-informed services
  • financial support, including anti-poverty, financial management, debt reduction programs, and scholarships and bursaries." (Gray-Beerman, April 18, 2022 Article, Defend Dignity)

Since 2015, they have given over $270,000 to 270 survivors through small grants. Defend Dignity recently released an article about the Survivor Support Fund and the importance of financial assistance of its kind being available for those exiting the sex industry. 

It plays a key role in the prevention, intervention and restoration of survivors and victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.  

"Some of their dreams include: supporting their children, rebuilding relationships with their children, furthering education, maintaining sobriety, volunteerism, finding employment outside of the sex industry, homeownership, and entrepreneurship. Some individuals dreamed of becoming fashion designers, published authors, social workers, mental health and addiction counsellors, nurse practitioners, business owners, managers, and more...'Almost half of the people in the study indicated that they are currently enrolled in higher education or dream of obtaining a degree or certification in their desired field. Many shared their desire to heal and help others who have gone through similar experiences...' (Gray-Beerman, in press, p. 20)." 

Selāh invests 10% of all profits toward the Survivor Support Fund. 

If you are a survivor or victim of sexual exploitation and/or trafficking and in need of additional financial support visit: www.defenddignity.ca/survivor-support-fund 

Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-833-900-1010