Meet The Maker


Welcome to my humble little studio in the Prairies, where I handcraft each vessel and candle.

What Shaped Me

I grew up on a family ranch in the river valley along Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan. Being raised in a ranching family that values being good stewards of the land, provided many life lessons over the years. The importance of faith, integrity, resilience, commitment, and perseverance, which I carry with me today. 

In College, I began my first step into recovery. Through overcoming my personal adversities, I eventually found myself actively involved in the anti-trafficking field in 2011. Since then, the volunteer work I have done in this field has ranged from:

  • frontline outreach with victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • advocacy for revisions of laws and policies
  • public education about trafficking & exploitation; how to recognize and respond
  • assistance with the allocation of funds to victims/survivors through a Canadian-based survivor support fund.

Why Make Candles + Vessels?

Burnout is a reality. It has forced me to pause and reflect. To reprioritize and redefine what truly matters and how best I can be effective in making our world a little brighter. What I’ve come to discover is that we are the most valuable advocates + world changers, when we show up daily and are present starting with the ones that truly matter, in our homes and communities. That is when we all win.

I love the process of hand making each candle and concrete vessel. I want to share this art with others in hopes they may find a similar joy with each handmade piece. Candles are a form of self-care for me and play a daily part in my wellbeing. It's a rare day to walk into my house and not see a candle burning. I love my early mornings, which consist of a freshly lit candle, devotions, and a cup of coffee in hand.

Why Ethically Sourced?

Over the years, with continual learning and understanding of the complexities of human trafficking - I inevitably became much more conscious of my own consumer habits and the ways it fuels labour and sex trafficking within our economy. 

Have you ever wondered who made the materials and ingredients necessary to make the final product you enjoy? At who's cost do you get to enjoy your purchase; someone's wage, freedom, and dignity? 

Selāh is an invitation to support Canadian based anti-trafficking efforts through the act of making a socially conscious purchase.

Hence, Selāh Ethical Goods was born.