Our Inspiration

For the one who has walked through the fire and continues to rise. It is in this space, new seeds are planted. A deeper capacity for empathy and compassion is born.  You are a change maker, made with purpose and unique in your design. May you know the power of a socially conscious choice and live with intention. You are gritty and gracious, caring about human dignity in all you do. In our families, neighbourhoods, and communities - your role matters. You are a light in the darkness. 

 .a light in the darkness.
ps. 18:28 


Selāh /see:luh/ - to pause, reflect, and the space between. (Origin: Hebrew)

The word is used several times in the book of Psalms. An indication for the reader to pause and reflect. Allowing room for space and time to sort out the various things one may be feeling. Selāh is an art. The ability to be present; knowing when to pause and celebrate the little daily wins, while also grieve our losses that truly mattered. It’s a dance of moving forward, living day by day; without getting stuck in the past, and not getting so far ahead that we are living in the future.